To provide flawless service in the property management industry, Freedom Rents studies the property owners, the property, and its tenants in an in-depth manner. Ideally, the property being the driving force that brings everyone together, must be top-notch to be rent-ready.

Tenant Perspective: “First impressions matter.”

As a property management company of insight, we empathize with the property owner and the tenant. First, we put ourselves in the shoes of the tenant.

The property must be maintained extremely well, on the outside and within. Unlike humans and refrigerators, it is not only what is on the inside that counts. Freedom Rents prepares the property to have that curb appeal, which exudes quality maintenance.

Freshly moved lawns, refined painting throughout the property, functioning hardware are all the positive signs tenants look for.

With bright exterior lighting, the perfectly cleaned property ensures it has that welcoming glow, that calls for you from wherever you look at it.

We want the tenants to fall absolutely in “love at first sight.” 

Whether they see an advert or simply pass by the property, the curb appeal is going to draw them right in.

Inspect, Improvise, and Inspire.

The exterior of the house exceeded the tenant’s expectations? They are in love with the property? We do not stop with just that.

The interiors will make them love the property management company!

Inspected to perfection, we make sure the property is flawless. Clogged gutters, leaky faucets, cracks in window frames, blemishes on the wall- every inch of the property is inspected for repairs. The property management company aka Freedom Rents for you, then refurbishes the property, by improvising the structure completely thereby ensuring the best rental rates in the market.

If an appliance is best replaced, we do so. Repair costs over time could be higher than purchasing a new appliance. It also sustains a small place in the hearts of prospective tenants. A win-win situation.

With great contacts as one of the finest property management companies in the trade, we easily replace appliances and get repairs done within a short span of time, without sacrificing quality.

The perfection of the property all-around will inspire tenants to give it utmost care and love their new home.

Know what’s trending. #Propertymanagement

Keeping the property alive by flowing with the most trending appliances and looks out there is key to making the property rent-ready. It also helps put the property on the market for the best rental rates possible.

You can keep with the trend or outdo the trends! Let the property standout by having its own signature style without compromising quality and guaranteeing a sense of homeliness. (We want homes, not houses because we value family beyond everything.)

Last but most importantly:

Get the government on your side!

Of the people, for the people, by the people. We stand by all property management ethics, making sure the property is rent-ready, while adhering to all the necessary safety measures expected on a legal aspect. From installing fire extinguishers to getting the right, non-slippery tiles that keep you walking confident – we ensure safety like no other.

Covid-19 got nothing on us either! We disinfect the property every time a maintenance worker or prospective tenant visits the property.

Get your property rent ready with Freedom Rents today!

Want top-notch and rent-ready property?

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property to a home, like no other!

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Want top-notch and rent-ready property?

We are waiting to make your propertya home, like no other!

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