In the event of a maintenance requirement, the residents can contact you through our web portal. Following the request we will assess the problem and get you quotes from three different contractors/companies; or send in our 24/7 inhouse maintenance crew for smaller fixes.

Diversified quality

In the case of any major repairs or renovations, we will first analyse the problem and give you a list of three qualified suppliers with their quotes, for you to choose from.

Attractive quotes

Our relationship with network of contractors, ensures that you have the benefit of finding reliable help at the best market price, for any and all maintenance work.

Qualified Professionals

All our maintenance professionals deliver high quality, efficient work, and are each certified/licensed for their respective jobs. We do not markup maintenance costs.

Hassle-free scheduling

We will schedule a meeting with the contractor you like for an overview, giving the contractor a better idea, and give you the confidence to green light the work.

Transparent Maintenance

The residents use our online portal to request for repair work, and the landlords can use this same portal to have real time access to the status of the repair work.

Remote Maintenance

Investors can renovate, repair and maintain their investments remotely by communicating through us; leading to seamless maintenance of the property.

General Contracting

Our network of reliable general contractors also hire subcontractors in order to complete projects with quality, and ensure that you do not overspend on these fixes. The property is then made rent-ready by our inhouse cleaning staff and maintenance crew, so that you don’t miss out on your rental income.

  • Maintenance provided by the best in Greater Toronto Area.

  • Transparent fees and costs for maintenance services.

Preventative Maintenance

Due to our seven years of experience, we know how to customize maintenance according to your property, saving you from having to spend more on unnecessary future repairs. We schedule these preventative maintenance measures with the contractors, following your approval; and also communicate the respective residents on their responsibilities and obligations to your property’s maintenance.

  • We will take care of lease enforcement to prevent damages

  • We will take measure to maintain the quality of the property

Appliance Repair

Here at Freedom Rents we go beyond property maintenance, and also help replace and repair appliances. We work with licensed technicians with over 15 years of experience, who repair appliances and advise you on how to best prevent similar issues in the future. These specialized contractors include the likes of TSSA gas contractors, who are certified in gas appliances service, repair & installation. Each repair also comes with a complete warranty.

  • Your appliance repairs will come with a reliable warranty.

  • We work with licensed technicians in Greater Toronto Area to repair the appliances in your property.

Learn about our maintenance services

We go above and beyond to maintain your property to improve it’s value and appreciation

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Learn about our maintenance services

We go above and beyond to maintain your property to improve it’s value and appreciation

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